2 Responses to Contact

  1. Don Michael says:

    Referred to you by Gary Koo @ businesskorea (Twitter).

    I am from the USA and now live in Seoul. I am working on a unique publishing project to better promote Korea worldwide. Part of the publication will feature Hangul.

    Gary mentioned that you are interested in the global expansion of Hangul.

    Are you in Seoul? Perhaps we can meet for a coffee-chat sometime soon.

    Follow me on Twitter: project_korea

  2. 찬문 says:

    형 화이팅.
    형이랑 비슷한 업종에 근무중인거 같은데요. 2008년~현재 Com2uS 근무중이예요. 모바일 프로그래밍 8년째 하고 있는데 전 앞으로 뭘해야 할지 모르겠는데 형은 방향을 잡은 모양이네요. 형 한번 만나서 상담을 좀 해봐야 겠는데요.
    대박 나시기를…

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