Poker Rooms in Manila, Philippines

Metro Manila Poker Rooms
* All comments are based on my personal feeling. Nothing is official.
* Written on 8th Aug, 2009
* Money Unit=PHP (PhP 100 = USD 2.09)

  • Metro Card Club (located in Metro Walk, Ortigas Center)
    – Busiest poker room (15-25 tables everyday) in Metro Manila and holds biggest cash game in Manila.
    – most of tables are for small size game (10/20, 25/50 blinds)
    – except 1 big game (100/200/500 or 500/1K) which you can easily win 1-2M or lose 1-2M. Lots of action, lots of bluffing. 🙂
    – Hosted biggest tournament in Philippines recently (600+ participants)
  • Hyatt Hotel & Casino Poker Room (3rd Fl. Hyatt Hotel & Casino, Malate)
    – Operator: Metro Asia
    – 4-5 Tables with 50/100 blind and 1 table for 100/200 or 100/200/400 Auto Straddle game.
    – Poor management and poor skilled dealers
  • Master Poker Club (located in Adriatico Circle, Malate)
    – small games (25/50 or less) only. 4-5 tables everyday.
    – 1 table of 50/100 blinds opens 1-2 times a week.
  • Asia Poker Room (5th Fl. Pan Pacific Hotel, Malate)
    – 1 or 2 tables only a day. small games (25/50 or less) only
  • GHL Poker Room (Ground Fl. Ambassordor Hotel, Malate)
    – 1 or 2 tables only a day. small games (20/40 or less) only
  • Room18 (Mabini St. Malate)
    – Temporarily Closed. Will be open soon.
  • Pocket Ace (Paranaque)
    – 1 or 2 tables only a day. small games (20/40 or less) only
  • Big Ace Poker Room (Mandaluyong City)
    – Recently open.
    – 2-4 tables a day. small games (25/50 or less) only during weekdays.
    – 1 table of 100/200 games on weekend.

* There are some private poker games, but I don’t think I want to mention about those. 🙂


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3 Responses to Poker Rooms in Manila, Philippines

  1. AlucarD says:

    How bout security? are these places safe?

  2. angela says:

    do you have a vacant job? ive worked in casino for 3 yrs tnx.

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